Mobile Device Detection

Mobile device detection is the key to ImageEngine’s industry-leading image optimization. Achieve 30% higher image payload reduction and quality with our CDN.
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Device Detection

ImageEngine uses WURFL, the industry’s most accurate and fast device detection, to identify mobile smartphones and tablets. It then feeds fine-tuned information about screen width, PPI, and other device capabilities into the image optimization process.
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Client Hints Support

In addition to its device-aware technology, ImageEngine natively supports client hints when they are enabled. Client Hints allows for proactive content negotiation, enabling ImageEngine to identify more information about the requesting device through the browser.
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Dedicated Edge-Servers

Building your own CDN? ImageEngine can provide mobile device-aware edge server technology. Connect these servers to ImageEngine’s core services, or connect them to dedicated image optimization engines running on your own cloud.
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Dedicated Optimization Engines

With ImageEngine’s DriveTrain technology, you can deploy ImageEngine within your own private cloud. Operated as a managed service, ImageEngine’ DriveTrain is designed to scale and handle the internet’s highest image optimization demands.
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