Next-Gen Image Formats

ImageEngine automatically selects and uses the most effective next-gen image formats like WebP, JPEG-2000, GIF, MP4s, AVIF, and more.
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Automatic WebP

Automatically convert images to WebP for browsers that support WebP. Perfect for Chrome and recent-version Safari browsers. Reduce image payload by an average of 84%.
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Automatic JPEG-2000

Automatically convert images to JPEG-2000 when delivering to older Safari browsers. Great for iPhones and iPad, achieving image payload reduction up to 79%.
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Animated GIF to MP4/aWebP

Automatically convert heavy animated GIFs to the MP4 or aWebP video format, depending on the support of the device. Reduces payload by an average of 70%, while keeping video quality high, and lowering CDN costs.
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AVIF is a new image format promising over 80% reduction in image payload size. Currently, you can deliver AVIF via ImageEngine’s directives. When wider support emerges on browsers, ImageEngine will automatically convert to AVIF. Get the best visual quality at the lowest file size.
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ImageEngine will take Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) image format and further reduce its payload by greater than than 37%.
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Non-Image Compression

ImageEngine can further compress non-image payload (JavaScript, CSS, Fonts) using Brotli or GZip compression.
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